Collaborating directly with clients to create effective branding, print & digital campaigns for companies large and small.

We bring an inspired, clean design aesthetic to brands, with a focus on creating compelling visual identities, quality user experience, reimagining problems and solutions. All of these collectively shaping identities and cultures, and igniting innovation and growth across entities and organizations.

Design creates Culture. Culture shapes Values.

Values determine the Future.

Robert L.Peters


Projects are steered by creative director and founder, Anjali AgarwalFor projects that need a little more muscle power, she relies on her scale-able backup squad of kickass freelancers.

Anjali Agarwal

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Meet our Creative Head

Anjali has more than 19 years of branding experience working with international agencies in Dubai agency namely, Ogilvy MeMac, The Partnership(Dubai), HMM (multimedia house in Dubai), to name a few. She’s worked in both Dubai and Singapore with  brands such as Mashreq Bank, YSL, Leo Mattel, S*uce, Hunter Foods and more.


She started out her career in advertising, but soon realized her true love was the branding side of design. Anjali recently moved back to the UAE after 8.5 years in Singapore with her family, and shares her in-depth branding knowledge with AA clients. Working across continents allows her to work comfortably with multilingual projects - Arabic, Spanish, English & Hindi.


She is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She hopes to be of service to fellow entrepreneurs whose businesses are ready to be transformed with great design.

info@anjalifordesign.com​  |  Tel: +97150 4551068

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