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I am Anjali Agarwal, an independent Brand Specialist & Digital Marketer, based in Canada, unabashedly passionate about all things design.



Whether you are looking for new brand identity or need to revitalise your existing one, you can be assured you have come to the right place, as branding is my forte.


Every brand needs to tell their story. 'Cause today consumers dont just buy because of the product or service, but your story.

Graphic Design

You have a brand, but then what? Every brand needs marketing collateral  that get your brand to shine and connect you with your customers. 


Today, every biz needs a gorgeous, mobile-responsive website + email marketing that brings the customer to you, all of which you can manage yourself! 

Amazing People I Have Worked With


What Clients Say

DAniela sitting by window_D854903 croppe

“I have been working with Anjali on my company's branding since June 2019. She developed all our corporate branding image, digital presence, everything really. Anjali was always able to understand my vision for Motus Asia, having a fantastic eye for unique designs while suggesting the best strategies the company needed. Even after relocating from Singapore I continue working with Anjali, her expertise is beyond words and her willingness to help and suggest ideas is phenomenal.” 

- Daniela Romao/ Founder & CEO, MOTUS ASIA PTE. LTD.



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